Jan. 16th, 2015


Jan. 16th, 2015 09:40 am
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I don't have class Friday mornings, so it's been nice to be able to get up and relax. I hope I can make my Fridays productive.

I've been sitting here watching a stink bug crawl around the table. They actually are quite interesting, beautiful even. I like watching it. It's doing some weird thing with its front legs. Insect behavior, something I don't know anything about. It takes me back to my time in Portland, poor Freddie's crippling fear of them. Sorry Fred. It did remind me to go comment on a lot of posts here. I read LJ almost every day, but mostly don't think to comment. Then I go on a commenting binge. Sorry everyone.

I've been back at school for almost a week now. Things are good and things are difficult. I love my classes. I'm more excited about them then I've ever been. With some people studying abroad this semester and those that moved out last semester, we have four new people living in the house now. A full house, full of people I love, but still so full and so different. It will take some adjustment as we all learn how to live together.

I am trying to stay balanced. It is hard, but I'm learning how to be patient and kind to myself, and that's pretty awesome. Ahh, but I do miss this.

photo by Tammy 

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