Jul. 27th, 2015

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My search for a getaway location last week was highly successful. Panic and I drove about 1.5 hours northwest and found Glacial Park.

Admittedly I had no idea what real the real Illinois landscape was before going here, a sad reality of living in a huge city with even larger suburban areas. But it's beautiful, open prairies littered with wild flowers, wetlands, and there was even a bog. I can safely say that I've never been to a bog before, but it makes for good times and interesting plants.

After that, on Wednesday we drove 3 hours north to Wisconsin where Hoofprint was assisting at a small musical festival. On-site installations, printing posters, t-shirts, etc. We got back yesterday after 4 nights of camping. That's an experience I will be writing about more extensively soon.

While these getaways were amazing, Panic's stress level in the apartment is getting worse and worse to the point of a near total shut down all the time here. I recognize these signs because I've seen them all in Toby. He's not particularly interested in food and eats his dinner very very slowly, he doesn't want to play or train, and he spends most of every single night stress panting and moving around the room to weird places, like trying to squeeze himself in between my bed and the wall. This is a dog that has traveled so much with me, lived at Wooster with me, has gone so many weird places and adjusted so well. I'm at a loss.

I would be concerned about a medical issue if all these symptoms didn't completely dissapear when we get out of the city. It's breaking my heart and I just don't think there is anything I can do for him right now. Fortunately, we actually move out of this apartment on Friday. Unfortunately, that means some couch surfing for another week in Chicago before going back to Louisville around August 8th.

Overall I like Chicago a lot, and I've been seriously considering moving here after I graduate--it makes sense for me in a lot of ways. But with Panic acting the way he has been this summer, I'm not sure living in the city is going to be possible with him. I do feel like a lot of it has to do with this living space. I can tell he is the most stressed out in the living room that is acting as my bed room for the summer. It's a very large room with no furniture other than my bed on the floor. The other room has a rug and a table, and seems much better in there. I'm on the third floor of a very noisy apartment complex, a one bedroom apartment with three people and a dog living in it, and there is no outdoor space to speak of. If I were to move here I have some much more specific parameters of the type of place I would want, and obviously I would actually, you know, put furniture in the place. I want my dog to be happy, and he just isn't himself here.

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