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Jun. 30th, 2015 05:47 pm
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This is my fifth week in Chicago. In some ways being here seems so normal, in some ways it seems extremely surreal. There is so much here that I want to do and explore, but in reality I've done very little actual exploring. Exploring who I am though, yeah a lot of that is still happening, always happening. I work full time, have an hour commute, and am in my third week of summer training for cross country--so more than anything else I am tired. Being in a city is very different for me--and for Panic. They say that city life moves at a faster pace, but overall I've found myself slowing down a lot, thinking a lot. I don't drive anywhere here which gives me a lot of time to walk and think, wait for the bus and think, sit on the bus and think. I am always busy, but I'm also always moving at a surprisingly leasurely pace.  That isn't to say that things are really leasurely, I've actually been experiencing a tremendous amount of stress and exhaustion. As typically happens when I'm stressed out, I cut my hair. But this time I took a buzzer to it all...goodbye to my remaining five inches or so.

In the mornings before I leave Panic and I often go to the dog beach. Love it there, especially early when it's mostly empty and there is a mist over the lake. My internship is fantastic. I can't believe how much I'm learning. I love working with Liz and Gabe, the owners. I love the community they are a part of. I love their mentality. I love the work--even though it is often extremely tedious and exhausting. I'm getting to work on some of my own things, so once I have completed those prints I'll be sure to share them. I just finished carving a woodcut and I'm going to start an etching this week. Mostly I get to work with other artists on their pieces, and that has been a fantastic and inspiring experience. I'm currently helping addition a piece by Kyla Zoe Rafert, a 7-layer print that uses lithography, woodcut, and screenprinting all together. Last week I assisted with a lithograph by Raeleen Kao. Raeleen helps out at the studio quite often and is extremely talented.

Liz and Gabe from Hoofprint Workshop

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