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Wood bending is a REALLY HARD process, but that (and woodworking in general) is turning out to be the most enjoyable sculpture process I've encountered so far. I have a feeling that I'm getting closer to the type of thing I really want to be doing. In the meantime, more dinosaurs of course!

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In the spirit of Rosie, here are lots of things I love, which includes dinosaurs. Happy Late Valentines Day. I'm not into chocolate or flowers or fancy dates, but I love love.

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I've really been missing my dogs, agility, and the agility community lately. It is so weird that at some points in time I feel as though I can give up the sport altogether, there is so much love and fun and awesome in this sport. I love college as well, but I do look forward to the days I can regularly participate in agility again.

Sending lots of love to my LJ friends. I don't always have a big presence on here but I do love keeping up with all of you. 

Week 1

Jan. 7th, 2014 08:03 pm
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Week 1 of 2014 over. After a day and a half of total rest, Maxie started acting totally normal. We're thinking she may have just strained her back, but fingers crossed she seems totally fine.

My project for 2014 is to draw a dinosaur every week of the year. Week 1 is this fiery colored deinonychus. Hopefully I will improve throughout the course of 2014.

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