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Yesterday when I got home, I let all the dogs out in the yard. Maxie was too busy to come in when the others did, so I left her out longer, went to do something else, forgot about her, and let her in about 15 minutes later.

Once I let her in, something was clearly wrong. Ears back, tail down, shivering. She tried to jump in my bed but couldn't. I was thinking hypothermia, so I put her in bed and threw blankets on top of her, including one fresh out of the dryer. She shivered for an hour straight and wouldn't take food. A few hours later she got up to get a drink of water and was dragging her legs a bit. She perked up when my mom got home, but mostly just wanted to lay down and be left alone. She started eating, but wouldn't eat from her bowl unless it was elevated. Yelps when we try to pick her up. We're thinking a slipped disk maybe?

She seems to be getting a bit better. We're torn between waiting a few days and taking her to the vet immediately. We worry that transporting her would do more harm than good. She seems to be feeling a bit better this evening.

On top of that, last night I got a horrible migraine to ring in the new year. I don't get them too often, but man do they suck when they arrive. Finally totally dissipated around 2 this afternoon.

All in all, not a GREAT start to the new year...but I don't think this will set the tone for 2014.

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