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Trialling, I'm just not sure how to do it anymore it seems. There is definitely a pattern here of me going to trials and having wild mood swings concerning my involvement in agility and my desire to be there. I'm not sure what to do about it, but it takes a lot of focused effort for me to remain in a good place at trials.

The Cluster is definitely a different breed of show, however. Very big, very crowded, very long days. And for some reason I entered all four days! Not a great show to try to work on my mental state, but we made it through and overall I can say that I enjoyed being most of the time. Saturday was the worst, I ended up leaving right after our first run and going hiking instead. A good decision to make--I knew that day had gotten away from me entirely.

Despite Panic forgetting how to weave on most of his runs, I was surprised by how well the both of us were running. Panic definitely loves running on dirt. I think he had much more speed than he does on turf--I'm attributing the forgetful weaves to this. We even managed a few 2nd and 3rd place runs in classes of 100+ 20" dogs. I don't usually give placements much weight but I was genuinely surprised and thrilled that Panic (who isn't getting any younger!) and I were holding our own in such a competitive class. We haven't even seen one another, let alone practiced agility, since the first week of January! He's a good boy, I'm very proud.

We only got one run on film all weekend, but it happened to be my favorite run. A very fun course--with a backside! I'm pretty sure he hit his dogwalk, but it was definitely close so I understand not giving us the benefit of the doubt.

One day I will figure out this trialling thing again. I DO really enjoy agility, it's just been difficult redefining my relationship with it. Luckily Panic is always in it for pure joy. He loves going to shows, and I never get tired of how happy he gets when we walk into one. For that alone I'll keep doing it.  

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