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Tired. Home. Panic was great all weekend...except for today. He was like a different dog without a brain. I hate that the dog I'll end up with on course is still so unpredictable. I think we are getting more consistent but then he'll have moments or days of complete disaster. There are many times when things go wrong and they are totally my fault, but there are other times when he is absolutely not listening and I don't really know why. Our team dropped from 8th place to 40th(!?) because of our performance in relay this morning. I felt terrible.

Again it was another great experience and overall Panic and I did really well. Not very many tangible results but we did finally get our AAD and got our second GP Q (last shot at it!) so now we are all Q'd for nationals. I just want to get to the point where every single one of our issues on course is a handling error, which I honestly don't think was the case today, he was just in super sensitive blast off into space towards tunnels mode.

Time to sleep all night and day.

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Aug. 2nd, 2011 10:14 pm
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Posting from my iPad. Yep I went out and bit the bullet. Luckily scholarship money will pay for it. Unluckily I don't have that money yet. I can already see that this semester I'll save at least 100 dollars on books and I'm not taking very many classes--I only need two actual textbooks.

It's really neat, but honestly not something I see myself using a whole lot other than for textbooks. It will be nice to take to trials on the weekends instead of lugging a laptop. And for watching Netflix in bed! I'm just not a big gadget person (anyone who has seen my cellphone knows. I just got texting this year).

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